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Helping us to stay on the road

Thank you !

We worked very hard for two years to save every penny for this expedition. But unfortunately that doesn’t mean that our bank accounts are still plentiful. Life on the road eats away at our hard saved pennies and with no current income options we are getting a little worried about our money situation …

We live as cheaply as we possibly can on the road but there is a constant small stream of expenditure just to survive day-to-day.

So here we ask if anyone wants to donate to us to keep us on the road.

If you like what we’re doing, whether its Molly’s blog posts, Haydn’s photos, raising awareness for our amazing charity or just the whole project itself then please give a little to our pot and we’ll make it go a long way!

Any amount is greatly appreciated but the list below gives you some idea of what your money could mean to us:

£5 – Buy us a beer each after a hard day cycling

£10 – Two days worth of food

£20 – Food for four days

£30 – Two nights in a hostel – to shelter from a storm

£60 – An essential bike repair (like Molly’s derailleur, and back wheel)

£180 – Can buy us one month on the road!

These figures are based on our current money expenditure in Greece but this will change as we enter different countries.

Donate below:

(Just enter the amount you would like to donate and then choose your payment method – PayPal or card)

THANK YOU beautiful people !
Couldn’t do it without you