Calais – Episode IV – The Most Important Post To Date

All I can really do is tell you to go. Go to Calais. Go to that warehouse and get stuck in, in whatever way you can. It’s hard work but that is the real richness of it. There is a good reason for working so hard – perhaps the best reason you have ever had.

Don’t think about it for too long. Don’t question whether you can be bothered or have the money to get the ferry, or whether it’ll fit in with your plans. Just go. Meet all the volunteers there, meet the old ones and the young ones, the ones staying for a weekend or a week or the ones that have made their lives there and have no plans to leave. I guarantee you will fall in love with one of them, if not accidentally all of them. Meet the people who run it, day in – day out, quietly, with determination of titanium and with so much love it can’t help being gloriously infectious.

Go meet those people – they will meet your best expectations of human beings and human doings.

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