Maiden Voyage

The first leg of the maiden voyage

We have picked 22nd April 2017 to set off on our Maiden Voyage from the Haywood / Newberry household (Molly’s home). From here we leave to cycle to cross the channel !

But how you may ask?

Our maiden voyage starts small but mighty. Starting off by riding to Chichester down on the coast where my Mum and her partner Martin live on a sailing boat.  They have sold my home where my sister and I grew in East Sussex for a centre cock-pit Moody 47ft.

They are currently sitting in Chichester marina planning to set off on a world trip, sailing across high seas. We have come up with a hair-brain plan, which we proposed to them, that they should sail us across to France !

The first leg map

Bike prep

Approaching the first leg of our journey we are spending a lot of time going over our bikes, taking things apart, cleaning them, putting them back together seeing how they work.


As the long list of new things that i’v leant grows, like taking a cassette off with a tiny portable tool, and taking a tyre off the rim just using your hands ! – (boasty mc boast boast). We start to get ready to be fully self supported !

Maiden Voyage


Test runs

The shakedown’s are super important. We need to test all our stuff to work out what needs changing. The most important thing is to get our neck, back,  but not the pussy or the crack sorted first (position on bike). I did a trip in Portugal with friends (Ben & Ned) to test all the stuff and found my arms were killing me. So I changed to position of my set up and now i’m good to go!

We have another test trip shakedown coming up next weekend (24th Mar) down to the coast. So this will be one of our last tester trips with all our gear before we go!

Pre test run fully loaded


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  1. So great to read this you two!! What an amazing journey you will be on in so many ways, can’t wait to read the blog and a part of me will be on it with you.
    Much lovings

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