Molly & Haydn are cycling across the globe to raise as much money, support and awareness as they can for the wonderful, grassroots charity Help Refugees.


Looking at the world now it seems that there is so much needless suffering. We feel at this point in our lives, when we have no real responsibilities or ties, we should take to the road. We want to explore the world in an intimate way and meet its people with open eyes, minds and hearts. We feel extremely lucky to have been brought into the world with the cards we have been dealt and would like to give back as much as we can.

 Using bicycles as our trusty steeds, will allow us to see the places we have always wanted to and damage the environment as little as possible.

We are both artists with a few different guises. Haydn and I are both fine artists – he loves to take photographs and video and I also love to write – so hopefully we will have all bases covered for documenting our journey and sharing it with you. Our home will be a small tent and all we have is the four bags we carry on our bikes – so its going to be a challenge – but we welcome it.

We both believe this world is in a difficult and divided state and hope to form friendships and spread positivity wherever we go – a thread of unity and human connection as our path. There will be ups and downs like every huge human challenge but ultimately we hope to change our own lives and our perception of the world one bike-wheel revolution at a time.

Molly & Haydn

Our Charity

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